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Where sustainability and creativity meet in a beautifully unique way!

ZerOne is a high-end, affordable, cosmetic line focused on bringing you beautiful, sustainable (and kind) products to elevate your expression!


We’re different than all other brands. The quality of our ZerOne products is equal to or better than most premium brands. But the similarity stops there.

Our goal is to help you be creative and express yourself with great products that are always on trend.
ZerOne  products are designed to make it easy for you to coordinate blushers, highlighters and eyeshadows using one  palette.

We will soon be launching our line of perfectly coordinated  products that eliminate confusion
and help you create your unique look with confidence. The way professional makeup artists do.

In the future, as fashion changes with each season, we will release a new range of palettes to keep you on trend and
stimulate your creative expression.

We think that you’ll love our products. The application is creamy and smooth,
giving you a wonderful sensation and making it easy to use.
The pigments pop to ensure a huge payoff.  Finally, our product durability is fundamental and is part of our product story.

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At ZerOne, we're not satisfied bringing you high quality products at affordable prices.  
Our products will always be formulated using ingredients that are
natural, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and vegan.

In addition to being friendly to
you, we are also deeply committed to being kind to other animals on the planet.

Consequently, we do not use plastic in our packaging.
Our palettes and other products are made from paper and other materials that are sustainably sourced.

In a world begging for someone to start protecting our climate, we feel it's
our obligation to use paper, bamboo, glass and other sustainable packaging materials to
avoid using plastic. We are proud to be different than other brands.

When you use ZerOne products to create your look, you’ll feel beautiful, safe and guilt free!

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